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Mandatory Credit: Photo by Kurt Wenner / Rex Features (1517401ab)

'Asphalt Renaissance': Kurt Wenner 3D Street Art Book
A new book details the amazing 3D street art of Kurt Wenner.

The artist has been impressing passer-by's for years and his latest drawings are the best yet.

The former NASA space illustrator turned street artist uses a piece of string to measure fixed points between the viewing location and painting to create three-dimensional drawings.

'Asphalt Renaissance' displays hundreds of images of Wenner's drawings spanning over his 25-year career. He started to write the book ten years ago when he realised there was nothing published about the art form.

Using his homemade pastels Wenner's most recent works bring Spiderman swinging from the buildings in Japan, a rainforest on London's South Bank and a scene from adventure horror film The Mummy film in Waterloo station.

Wenner's intricately detailed large-scale drawings can take up to seven days to complete sometimes longer depending on the weather.

Kurt explained: "The pieces look real because they are calculated to be perfectly and mathematically accurate. It's exactly how they would look if the objects in my paintings were actually there."

His favourite work is the 'Dies Irae' one of his earliest pieces that established the art form and has since become iconic on the internet.

The 52-year-old took up street painting in 1982 after he had given up his job at NASA and travelled to Rome to learn more about visual art.

He used chalk and pastels to decorate the streets of Rome and to fund his travel and study.

Kurt said: "Pavement art like this began in Rome in the late renaissance period so it's been around for 100's of years.
"My favourite subjects to draw are from classical mythology and religion."

His book Asphalt Renaissance is published by Sterling Innovation.

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